Stanislaus County PAL is not alone in its effort to build better communities. The following organizations have generously invested in the futures of California’s youth and our communities by working in partnership with Stanislaus County PAL as well as other PAL organizations and providing the indispensable support to our mission.

Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office


Housing Authority County of Stanislaus


Stanislaus County Office of Education


Modesto City Schools


Waterford Unified School District


Empire Union School District


Stanislaus County Parks and Recreation Department
By supporting their organizations, you are also supporting the overall effort in improving our communities and providing youth with a positive outlook for the future. Only with your support of Stanislaus County PAL and our partner organizations can we work together to make a better California for all of us.


California Police Activities League
The California Police Activities League (PAL) is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization founded over 30 years ago by a group of police officers, spearheaded by San Francisco Police Detective, Charles Ellis. These officers from various cities around the state would come together to meet biannually and share ideas, information and procedures from their local city PAL programs and to promote the PAL concept.


National Police Activities League
National PAL is a non-profit organization formed to provide assistance to the various PAL programs located throughout the United States. Headquartered in North Palm Beach, FL, National PAL constitutes a centralized organization for the channeling of information, instruction, grant opportunities and all other matters common to such programs so as to further and promote their purpose of providing guidance to the youth in educational, athletic and recreational activities.


Stanislaus Union School District