Sports Programs

The Police Athletic/Activities League (PAL) organization has provided and continues to provide sports programs for youth and young adults all throughout the United States. Stanislaus County PAL takes pride by also being part of the PAL efforts nationwide. While there are many organizations in Stanislaus County that provides sports programs, one of the main qualities you will find within Stanislaus County PAL, is that we offer programs at very lowest cost, making this a great opportunity for most youth in our county to be part of our league(s).

Our sports programs, just as many PAL organizations throughout California and the United States encourages good sportsmanship, teamwork, a positive attitude and mutual respect to build a strong community. The program promotes life skills development by providing a safe place for youth to engage in physical activity that develops their talents and self-esteem.

Our efforts just as with many other PAL organizations cannot be accomplished without our volunteers, whom serve as coaches, referees, community leaders, but more importantly have the heart to be a coach for the children we serve. The involvement of our volunteers provides the youth of Stanislaus County PAL the opportunity to participate in organized sports activities such as basketball, baseball, soccer, flag football, and swimming . Stanislaus County PAL uses City/ County parks, School Districts athletic fields and facilities for games, tournaments and practices. Without the support of our coaches, volunteers, and our partner agencies our sports programs would not be as successful.

The following is a list of our sports programs and season:

Sport Teams Season
Soccer Boys/Girls/Co-ed Fall
Basketball Boys/Girls/Co-ed Winter
Flag Football Co-ed Fall
Martial Arts Co-ed Year round


“What’s Happening Now!”

Registrations are now open for the following leagues:





You will be ask to create an account, keep your account information safe as this will be the same site you can register for any other sports program we will offer in the future. You can pay via this website with debit/credit card or you can choose to register and send check via mail.


COACHES WANTED! If you wish to become a coach please register at the link above or call Deputy Bret Silveira (209) 312-6196 for information how to become a coach.



Joing our Meibukan Gojyu-Ryu Karate-Do Program in Keyes. This is a great program for youth ages 7 and up. Program meets Mon, Wed, Fri from 5:30P to 7:30P at 5506 Jennie Avenue, Keyes CA. This program is $20 per youth per month. Parents are responsible to purchase Gii and belts.


Join our boxing program. Our boxing program meets at the Maddux Youth Center in Modesto located 615 Sierra DriveModesto CA 95351. Program meets Monday through Thursday from 5:00P to 7:00P. Fees are $35.00 per youth per year.